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Our Vision

To raise and build generation of children of Levites whose goal is to:

circleMake Heaven
circleHelp youths and parents fulfil destiny and ministry and become a dominant positive influence in RCCG and the world at large
circleBe a model for youths in RCCG and all over the world to follow.
circleBridge the gap between the younger and older generation particularly between the youths/pastors seeds and the pastors thus stopping the max exodus of youths from the RCCG.

Our Mission

circleHoliness will be our lifestyle.
circleWe will organize impacting and life changing events and programmes in RCCG parishes, areas, zones, provinces and regions across the world.
circleOur programmes shall be interactive, captivating, motivating, inspiring, educative, informative, and interesting and life changing and shall cover but not be limited to the following core areas; Holiness, Career,Relationship, Etiquette, Fashion & Dress Sense, Anointing & Deliverance, Bible & Church Doctrine, Entrepreneurship & Financial Empowerment, Nation Building, Academics, Leadership, Spiritual Training and Warfare and, Health and Psychological Wellbeing.
circleWe shall encourage our members to enroll in the Believer’s Baptismal Class, Workers – in – Training and RCCG doctrinal teachings.
circleWe shall liaise and partner with the Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries through her daughter organizations such as the Christ the Redeemer’s School Movement, School of Disciples, Redeemed Christian Fellowships, Redeemed Christian Corpers’ Fellowships, etc.
circleWe shall liaise with the Education and Training arm of the RCCG through the CPLMT –Christian, RCBC - Redeemed Christian Bible College, RECSOM – Redeemed College and School of Missions.
circleWe shall liaise with pastors – in – charge of parishes, areas, zones, regions, countries to ensure our programs have widespread coverage.
circleWe shall engage professionals, seasoned and anointed teachers and preachers of the Word and performance coaches to impact, counsel, motivate and challenge members.
circleNetworking will be one of the main features of our activities.

Our Leadership


Pastor Leke Adeboye

psf coordinator worldwide

Pastor Ayorinde Bello

assistant psf coordinator worldwide


Q: How can I join PSF?

A: Attend any of our National programs and ask to meet the National representatives for your region so you can be well informed of PSF activities in your province and be integrated into your Province’s PSF chapter.

Q: Is PSF an association?

A: PSF is a family. We’re a family that looks out for the wellbeing and growth of one another, which means you have a responsibility to look out for your fellow seed.

Q: Is there PSF in my Province?

A: You can reach out to us at the National programs to confirm this otherwise speak to your Province’s Admin Officer. If PSF doesn’t currently exist in your province, you can join hands with your region’s national rep to make this a reality.